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What is Punycode?

Punycode is a standardized method for converting Unicode characters into ASCII-string sequences. This is used to understand the international symbols and emoji in domain names by DNS servers. For each domain name there is a dns server that serves it. But the DNS server understands only 37 characters without distinction between upper and lowercase letters (latin characters from a to z, numbers from 0 to 9 and hyphen "-"). So to use other characters in the name of the domain name you need to use a punycode.

Example of how people see (unicode) and how to see the DNS server (punycode):

unicode punycode
🎄🎅🌲.com xn--vh8h9ed.com
веб-сайт.com xn----8sbbdp1a8ck.com
網站.com xn--5tz61d.com
լարերը.com xn--y9aijn5hb.com

The basic use of a punycode is to interpret international text and symbols in a language that is understandable for computer networks. If you want to register an international domain, you must first create a punycode for this domain and then already search for the available name from the registrar.